What is a Car Care Clinic Volunteer?

We are groups of volunteers that have a heart for others that meet one Saturday each month to provide help with transportation to those in need.


Any one with mechanical experience.

Mechanic Helpers:
If you can do things like change oil or brake pads or even if you have no experience but would like to learn we have mechanics that would love to teach you.

Part Runners:
If you have mechanical knowledge but are no longer able to do the actual work, we could really use your knowledge and help.

Lot Check-in Team:
They secure client’s vehicles and direct them to the safety and the comfort of the hospitality area. This team also helps us to be more efficient increasing our productivity.

Hospitality Team:
The Hospitality Team is made up of men and women who welcome our guests and their children and provide a comfortable waiting area. If you are a people person this would be a perfect place for you.

If you are interested in volunteering please fill out the form below