Car Care Clinic History

In a search to find help in meeting the transportation needs of struggling families, Lonnie Vaughan met Mark Hanne, who had been doing a once a month Auto Repair Ministry at Liberty Church since 1998. Mark had been involved for four years in a similar ministry at his home church in Houston, TX before he moved to Tulsa, OK. Lonnie put a team together from Southern Hills Baptist and Victory Christian Center and received hands on training from Mark at the Liberty Church Auto Repair Ministry.

November 2002, Car Care Clinic (CCC) was started in the parking lot of Southern Hills Baptist Church with three volunteers who began meeting on the third Saturday of each month helping three or four families with transportation needs. We were happy right where we were and weren’t looking beyond that parking lot. Little did we know that we were being prepared to be a citywide organization.

December 2010, CCC became a 501 (c) 3. Today we have two indoor facilities with over fifty volunteers made up of five teams providing over five hundred auto repairs a year. River Gate Church (RGC) at 1437 E. 71st. Tulsa, Ok was a Wal-mart at one time that had an auto service center they never used. RGC has given CCC use this facility to have Saturday clinics throughout the month. CCC has fully re-equipped the 5000 sq. ft., service center adding three new 10,000 lb. car lifts and an 80 gal. commercial air compressor giving our mechanics outlets at all six bays for their impact tools. J&E Automotive at 1920 E. 6th. St. Tulsa, Ok. opens their fully equipped service center to CCC the first and second Saturday of the month.

For many years now CCC has played a major role in our community helping those in need with transportation. Churches all over the Tulsa metropolitan area and other organizations like DHS, DVIS, CAP, Family and Children’s Services, John 3:16, Tulsa Day Center, and the 211 Help Line have come to depend on us to help their clients stay mobile.